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What Are BB5

BB5 meal plans are built exclusively off of each and every individual clients goals. We customize your meals and shopping lists to be tailored to specific caloric and macro goals based off individual BMR's. 

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Don't Like Tracking Calories?

Never have to track calories again with our meal plans! Every meal has your individual split macros so you are getting the calories and macros your body needs. 

What will you do with all that saved time?

Don't Like To Cook?

Don't worry! Every meal has it's own specific instructions on how to cook and prepare the meals. We make is simple so you have it easy.

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Hate Writing Shopping Lists?

Never have to worry about writing down grocery lists again. We will send you exactly how much of every item to buy so you only have to make one trip.

New Client Checklist

Goal is to understand expectations, goal and mission

Included In Our All-In-One Program

1. Our first priority is to show you how to effectively hit your goals in the shortest time possible, all while in a healthy manner.

2. We want to teach you portion control

3. We want to teach you about macros and show you what healthy and balanced amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats look like

4. We want to give you a blueprint for long term success. And to give you a long term solution and lifestyle change, as opposed to simply “trend” dieting or “yo-yo” dieting

5. We want to go beyond fat loss or muscle gain, and educate you on healthy eating 

6. We will start with an inbody test so that we have something tangible and reliable to work with

7. We will create a custom meal plan for you to follow based on foods you like and foods that will heal the body

8. We will build out a “goals” schedule showing where their progress should be if they follow the plan perfectly

9. We want you to start off by taking before pics and measurements (Waist, thighs etc..)


Checklist for zoom calls:

1. Show the client the workouts

2. Show the client the BB5 university (including the IF template guides)

3. Show the client the healthy recipes we pre made

4. Show the client the lists of foods to add and foods to avoid

5. Go over the challenges tab and social tab


Client expectations: 

1. We offer 1 zoom call or phone call month 

2. We will reach out via text message once a week

3. We offer 1 InBody test each month. 

4. We will update meal plans on the 1st and 15th of each month 

5. We will tell you exactly what to eat in order to hit your goals. Snacking/grazing or only following part of the meal plan will most likely affect the results you should be seeing. Every calorie is already being accounted for

6. You’ll receive calories and macros splits for “off” weeks when you’re traveling or unable to follow your meal plan 

7. You’ll receive access to our database of workouts 

Extras Included In Our Platinum All-In-One Program

1. You’ll receive a schedule showing when you’d reach your goal if you stay on track with the numbers and meal plan we give you 

2. Specific water goals 

3. Custom workout

4. Updated meal plan every week

New Cient Check List

Take A Look At How Your Meal Plans & Shopping Lists Look?

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