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When I met Jesse for my first workout, I had no idea what a gift Jesse and his program would be for me. Within my first month, Jesse encouraged me to sign up for an annual fitness competition, my second month I placed 24th OVERALL. Two years later, and several fitness and nutrition challenges later, my composition is the best it's been in my life. I've become aware of the nutrition my body needs including macros, something that I'd never been aware of until Jesse's nutrition coaching. At age 44, Mom of 3 I've changed my fitness and nutrition habits and have never been stronger or more fit.

Jaime Schlomberg


Brian Bernhard

By the beginning 2022, I had been working out regularly for nearly a year and a half. Although my strength and endurance was improving, I was not seeing the weight loss that I expected.  I was fortunately Introduced to this group and learned about intermittent fasting and other nutritions changes. I gradually began to implement the suggested changes into my day-to-day life, and I started feeling and looking better immediately. 


Combined with regular exercise, this nutrition program has been life-changing for me.  It is so straightforward and easy to follow.  The best part is that nothing is totally off limits as long as I can fit it into the daily macros.  


I highly recommend this group. They are always there to answer my questions and encourage me.  I see no reason why I can’t follow this plan for the rest of my life.  As for right now, I feel great and haven’t been this healthy in a long time.

Brian B
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